Creative Financing

Wally Wrap™: Non-qualifying seller financing transactions. A form of owner financing designed to effectuate the purchase/sale of property with an existing mortgage.


  • Real Estate Contract Prep and Review
  • 1031 Exchange Coordination
  • Power of Attorney Documents
  • Foreclosures
  • Document Preparation
  • Will Preparation

Title Support

  • Real Estate Consultation
  • Residential & Commercial Closings
  • Title Opinions / Curatives
  • Contract Preparation

How We Do It

  • Fair, Reasonable Fees
  • Timely & Accurate Manner
  • Friendly, Relaxed Atmosphere

The professionals at Wally Tingley & Associates will guide the entire process to make sure things proceed as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.

Our office will prepare the closing documents and act as the escrow agent. What sets us apart is the quality of work behind the scenes.

The preparation and volume of documents that you sign at the time of closing must be 100% correct as even a slight omission or misspelling could cause problems in the future. Also, the title company is responsible for ensuring good funds are received from the buyer and their lender and is responsible for disbursing those dollars to all the proper parties (payoff the seller’s mortgage, pay the property taxes up to date, etc.).

The whole process can sound intimidating, after all it is not something that the average person does every day. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality service that is required and demanded by you, the customer. We take the utmost care and diligence to insure your interests are covered and handled properly and promptly by our highly trained staff.

Escrow — Once your contract has been received and the earnest money is deposited with the escrow agent, we will start the process by opening title.

Inspections, Appraisals and Surveys — The buyer (at buyer’s expense) will usually hire a professional inspector to thoroughly check the condition of the home. The buyer’s lender will begin assembling the loan package which may require an appraisal and survey be done on the home.

Closing and Funding — Once our office has received closing instructions and documents from the buyer’s lender, we will schedule a time to close and prepare the Settlement Statement (or HUD-1). Once all parties have signed the closing documents, they are returned to the lender who reviews the loan package. If all the forms have been properly executed, a check is issued to fund the loan. Once the loan has funded, all parties will receive any proceeds due them from the sale. WTA will record the document necessary to transfer the property into the new owner’s name. Escrow is now officially closed and your home is SOLD or PURCHASED!

The next time you are in need of real estate related services, remember WTA and our commitment to excellence!